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Privacy Policy

Oz Referenda recognises that privacy and security are a major concern and are committed to safeguarding your personal information.

Personal details are entered into a database, not accessed by Oz Referenda staff. The information is then aggregated and used only in the creation of reports.

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Who we are

Oz Referenda is a new online opinion poll which enables you, as an Australian citizen, to record your vote on issues of the day, between elections — whether federal, state or local government.

If you are interested in voicing your opinion on past or proposed legislation, including ordinances and regulations before they are debated in parliament and enacted, Oz Referenda gives you the opportunity to be heard. Thanks to Oz Referenda you will be able to actively participate in our democracy.


Our reports are Comprehensive, with results including Gender, Country of Birth, Political Preference and Employment. By request we can also provide results by electorate (Federal & State), as well as local divisions.

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No ordinary opinion poll

Unlike ordinary opinion polls where you have to wait to be asked, you can have your say with us here and now. We believe our collective opinion will have more meaning because it is not limited to the small sized sample used by the pollsters — regardless of the sampling techniques used.

Gaurding your Privacy
Guarding Your Privacy

Your right to privacy is respected and we will not share your information to any other person, group or organisation.


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We encourage as many people as possible to participate - the larger the numbers, the better we can represent you.